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Private Speech and Language Therapy
in a home office setting

Playing in Nursery

Free Consultations

Not sure if speech therapy is right for your child? Call in for your free phone consultation to discuss your concerns and get a professional opinion about your child's needs.


Comprehensive Evaluations

A combination of parent input, therapist observation, and standardized assessment results help paint a picture of your child's strengths and needs. All of the information gathered will be considered in order to create goals for treatment.

Stacking Blocks

Individualized Treatment

A treatment schedule will be developed based on therapist recommendation and your family's scheduling needs. Parents are encouraged to participate in sessions so that they may utilize the therapist's techniques at home.


Frequently Asked Questions

My child receives speech services at school, can he/she receive private therapy as well?

Yes! In fact, many children who receive private speech services also receive services in school. Due to time constraints and growing caseloads, school services often utilize group therapy sessions instead of the individualized services offered at Let's Talk.  We can work in conjunction with the school therapist in order to help your child reach his/her goals faster.

My child did not qualify for services in school. Can he/she still qualify for private therapy?

Yes! A school-based speech and language evaluation must take into consideration the impact a child's speech and language skills have on his/her academics. This means that, often times, a child who performs well in school will not qualify for services as his/her speech and language delay may not be deemed to have an academic impact. Unfortunately, this can create a situation in which a child's delay is not addressed and becomes a much larger problem at a later stage in life.

Will my insurance cover my visit?

Let's Talk is an In-Network Provider for:

Highmark BlueShield


Cigna Health Insurance

We are in the process of adding other major insurance companies to our list of accepted insurance providers. We will keep you updated as these processes are completed.

If you are interested in proceeding without insurance for the time being, private rates are offered.

What do I need to prepare before my initial evaluation?

Bring the following with you to your evaluation:

1. A prescription from your pediatrician to evaluate and treat

2. Your insurance cards and driver's license

3. Any relevant evaluations or documentation from other service providers

4. Completed intake paperwork (received after appointment is made)

Also make sure to check with your insurance provider regarding any co-pays, deductibles, and visit limitations.

About The Owner

Ciara Holzer M.S. CCC-SLP graduated Magna Cum Laude from Duquesne University with a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology. She has been working within the pediatric outpatient and school district settings since 2011. She is licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is a certified member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Ciara offers a one-on-one treatment environment with a consistent therapist (no therapist turnover!)  She believes that parent involvement is essential to a child's speech and language growth.


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